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DJ Flavours - Your Caress (Pianoman Remix) 

The promo video for the Pianoman remix of Your Caress by DJ Flavours is set to be uploaded to our Facebook and YouTube this Friday (13th) This remix is basically what we did with three vocal samples and a Roland TB - 303 along with a classic hands in the air piano drop. 

Vinyl will be available soon in STANDARD BLACK, 10" PICTURE DISC and CLEAR.

For more info contact Raymond Robinson at    

Revelation (Vibes & Hattrixx Remix)  

Just landed in our studio in box is the Vibes & Hattrixx remix of 1994 Pianoman anthem Revelation.

If you liked their remix of Blurred you are going to love this as once again its got the classic 1994 hardcore vibe all the way through. This is going to light the DJ's up on our mailing list. Get the curtain haircuts and glowsticks ready! 



As a Thank You to all the DJ'S who have signed up for our mailing list yesterday we sent out something extra.

Pianoman ft. Claire Challoner and DJ Welly.

It's My Pleasure (Dream Frequency Remix)

The track is part of the four track vinyl EP Pianoman & Boy Raver Present (Vol 1) 

For any info on any vinyl releases or orders email 

Pump This Party (Ragetti Remix) 

Look out all you fans of classic 90's piano house for the RAGETTI REMIX of PCP (Vol 3) classic PUMP THIS PARTY.

Produced by Jeff Wass the mix even has a PCP feel too it! Massive vocals and piano lines galore.

A guaranteed fave with the DJs we feel.