Back By Dope Demand @Gorilla in Manchester 30th July

We are very pleased to announce we are playing BACK BY DOPE DEMAND on July 30th as part of their 9th birthday celebrations @ Gorilla in Manchester.
The event is amazing with 2 Funky 2 and Rachel McFarlane LIVE plus…

Ravestock THIS SATURDAY (9th April)

Check us at RAVESTOCK this Saturday as we play after the one and only DJ Vertigo. District is the venue in Liverpool center. 
We will have FREE CD's to pas out as well on the night. 

Back In Dublin

May 1st will see us back in Dublin as we are guests of THE SUNDAY CLUB at KARMA STONE on Wexford Street. The Sunday Club are Celebrating their third Birthday with a 12 hour Old Skool marathon and it is…

Summer is nearly here

Creative times at the moment guys. A few remixes done last week and currently we are working on some brand new material and going right back to the true authentic Pianoman Sound. 

909 drum kits, Korg and Roland Piano's…


Rob Cain Remixes Method In The Madness

Bouncy house legend Rob Cain has remixed Method In The Madness. Dropping a classic 1998 style on the track  to devastation effect. Rob is arguably the best known and most respected DJ in the UK's bounce scene and we cannot…

Mark XTC (Mix Factory) Method In The Madness Remix

Mix Factory member and Old Skool DJ Mark XTC is to remix Method In The Madness. Old Skool fan's will remember the massive Mix Factory tunes "Take Me Away" and "Miracles" both huge tunes still being played today.

Stu Allan Supporting Method In The Madness

DJ legend and Old Skool Nation radio show presenter Stu Allan is supporting our new track with Degsey called Method In The Madness.
As well as playing it on his shows Stu is DJing it in his sets and will…

New Soundcloud

We have a new Soundcloud guys and you can hear samples of the Pianoman & Degsey track Method In The Madness right now.

Pianoman Soundcloud


Pianoman remixing new Mitm track

We are pleased to announce we are currently doing a remix for Leeds's based House Music producer Eddie Taylor. Under his alias of Mitm (Man In The Mirror) Eddie has done a brilliant track which has elements of the classic…

A must see Facebook Page

There are a lot of funny pages on Facebook with some really great stuff on. We were having some studio down time the other day and checked out the SCOUSE MA page and we were in stitches! There are similar…