Pianoman remixing new Mitm track

We are pleased to announce we are currently doing a remix for Leeds's based House Music producer Eddie Taylor. Under his alias of Mitm (Man In The Mirror) Eddie has done a brilliant track which has elements of the classic…Read more

A must see Facebook Page

There are a lot of funny pages on Facebook with some really great stuff on. We were having some studio down time the other day and checked out the SCOUSE MA page and we were in stitches! There are similar…Read more

New Megamixes soon!

Look out for two new megamixes very soon as the best tracks from Klub Banger's and Piano Junkies get thrown in the mix.

Each will get it's own megamix and both will be free uploads to download.

Klub Banger's and…Read more

Pianoman ft Degsey - Method In The Madness

Towards the end of 2015 we decided it was time to do some new piano tracks and with this decision we teamed up with DEGSEY (Former member and frontman of Awesome 3) after a couple of chance meetings when we…

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New original tracks

The new year will see two new Pianoman tracks released. Both feature the legendary M.C. Domino (AKA Dom Noble) who is possibly the best known M.C. in the north of the UK due to his work on the AATW Records…Read more


Exciting things are due in 2016 which will see Pianoman releasing tracks in different music genre's as well as Old Skool. Look out for these as the classic Pianoman track "Blurred" is set for a re release in summer to…Read more

New mailing list promo sent out today

A new promo mix was emailed to mailing list members earlier today. Please check all email folders to be sure you have not missed out. 

Limited CD artwork

Here is the artwork for our limited CD package that we are sending out. More than three hundred people sent in their email address after reading about the give away on Facebook. If you asked for a CD pack they…Read more