Return to the studio

This week we return to the studio with our newest member to record some brand new material. 

We have begun to write and work with Kiah Slater a York, UK based vocalist who will be the public face of…


New Pianoman Rave tunes

We are currently working on material for our DJ sets and Live performances which steps back into real classic rave territory. 

I deal for like performance and influenced by TTF, Scott Brown and QTex.

This new stuff shall…


Festival style new material

Having had lots of time during the Corvid 19 lockdown we have been looking for a vocalist who can perform live Pianoman performances and sing That Whitney Song and Cast A Spell.

We now believe we have s found…


New Pianoman track released on vinyl early 2021

A new Pianoman track will be released exclusively on vinyl at the start of next year. It will feature on the 4 track EP for the 2021 remixes of Pump This Party and Set Me Free.

The new track…


New Pianoman Logo

With the end of summer and the end of the year fast approaching we decided to get a new branded logo design made for Pianoman.

We got designer extraordinaire Mike "Speedy" Gordon on the job and the result is…


Long due EPK Photoshoot this week (17/08/2020)

This Tuesday will see us both at James Wesley studios in North Yorkshire for a photoshoot especially for the forthcoming 12 track CD only Pianoman album.

Five years and we have finally sorted it and we are hyped. The…

New Vlogs coming soon

We are going to start doing Weekly Vlogs which will be posted on our website and across our social media. They will cover all kinds of topics such as how Pianoman started and how tunes such as Cast A Spell…


Best of PCP VOL 3 Vinyl Repress

Pump This Party and Set Me Free were two of the standout tracks from the PCP (VOL 3) vinyl that was released in 1995.

Both these tracks will be getting re-released on vinyl and come with brand new 2020…


New Classic Pianoman track in production now

A new Pianoman track is currently taking life in Ableton and we have gone right back to the start and the formula we used in the early '90s too.

Most importantly we have used all the original sound modules…