Pianoman remixing new Mitm track

We are pleased to announce we are currently doing a remix for Leeds's based House Music producer Eddie Taylor. Under his alias of Mitm (Man In The Mirror) Eddie has done a brilliant track which has elements of the classic  Double Trouble and Rebel M.C. song Street Tough and vocal samples from Brass Disc by Dupree. We were lucky enough to have the track sent to us for our DJ sets and upon hearing it we liked it so much we asked Eddie if we could remix it for him.

We are going to give the track the classic Pianoman style remix with  big strings and piano and Italo House DX style bass..... Lovers of classic Pianoman anthems like Cast A Spell and Revelation will know the vibe when the hear it.  

The finished remix will be heard at upcoming DJ sets in Darlington and Dublin very soon.

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