Pianoman return to DISCOMAGIC UK Records.

Back in 1993 Pianoman teamed of with legendary label Discomagic UK Records to release some tracks and do some remixes for the label.

Run by Roland Radaelli in the UK the label had a legendary status to the fans of Piano and Italian House.

The label Piano Choones was formed as a sub label of Discomagic UK with the aim of being a creative output for james under several new aliases. Roland Radaelli was the first person who gave James a break outside of him pressing his own tracks. Discomagic was the first label to release Pianoman tracks.

Remixes included: Electric Choc, Asha, Indie UK and more.

Pianoman cover track DON'T YOU WANNA BE MINE is getting a Discomagic UK remix by Roland Radaelli himself as the label prepares to make a big comeback with new vinyl pressings of its back catalog and much sort after digital releases too.


*Thumbnail artwork by Mike Gordon 






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