New Classic Pianoman track in production now 

A new Pianoman track is currently taking life in Ableton and we have gone right back to the start and the formula we used in the early '90s too.

Most importantly we have used all the original sound modules and synths we were using back then to make it 100% authentic. 

Roland JV1080, Roland 909 drum machine and JD800 plus stings and classic organ sounds from Yamaha TX81Z and the legendary Casio CZ101 (Thank you, Louis Gaston)



Pump The Party Vinyl Re Issue 

The reaction to the news that we are re-issuing Pump This Party on vinyl after almost 30 years has been amazing. We never knew the very very simple record was so popular still. 

A DAT was found from the '90s and we will be using that to press the vinyl. Normal price too so no second mortgage needed at all! 


Pianoman Compilation Albums 

Compilation CD's are still popular with DJ's as they can be played on CDJ's or ripped and added to your digital music collection.

We are shortly going to release a new series of Pianoman compilation CD's that will be professionally manufactured and complete with an audio booklet for each release. The first three in the series will contain remastered versions of classic Pianoman tracks from the PCP era and include Pianoman remixes and more.   

What makes these albums really special is that they will contain brand new Pianoman tracks that you cannot get anywhere else but on these releases.

Massive value for money at £12.99 too. Vol 1 is in production now and has four new tracks in its tracklisting so far.

Pianoman team up with Mixed In Key 

We are pleased to announce we have partnered up with legendary DJ software pioneers Mixed In Key.

For our DJing sets, we have been using MIK for years and now we are pleased to also incorporate the studio edition and the fantastic Captain plugins into our studio set up.

Check the MIK website here Mixed In Key Website

Pianoman to remix Project D 

We have been asked to remix a brand new track for Darren Cowgill AKA Project D.

Darren has done this huge monster of a track with a very well known vocal and one of the best piano riffs you will ever hear.

Watch this Space!


Forthcoming Pianoman Remixes 

Currently, in the studio we are working on remixes for the next couple of months.


These include remixes of classic rave tracks BREAKING FREE by SLIPMATT and INCOMPLETE DARKNESS by FAT CONTROLLER. As huge fans of the original tracks, we are hyped!

Retro Rave (Volume 2) coming soon 

The first volume of the Retro Rave DJ set mix was very popular and we had many massages and inboxes as when there will be a volume 2.

It is being put together now and will be available for Free download early January 2020.


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