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Blurred 2022 (Official release date confirmed) 

Blurred 2022 is getting a full release on Nov 5th 2022

Available on both vinyl and digital it has just been emailed out by Power Promotions in the UK and features mixes by 7th Heaven, DJ Flavours, Awesome 3, Pianoman, MiTM, Vibes and Hattrixx, Rennie Pilgrem, DJ Colombo and more.

Brand new Pianoman release due early 2022 

It will soon be a new year so its time to announce a brand new official Pianoman track from myself as the start of 2022. 

No re presses or re releases but a brand new track. 

Most of summer 2021 has been spent putting this project together from recording vocals to getting remixes done. 

Thanks to those behind me in the background this is the biggest Idea I have completed in 30 years and a team of people made it possible.

Pianoman to release a track on Cleveland City Records  

We can now announce that Pianoman are releasing a new track on legendary UK house music label Cleveland City Records.

We are really excited to be associated with such an iconic British label known for many classic releases that shaped the early dance music scene in England. 

New Pianoman USB coming soon. 

Currently a new Pianoman USB is being prepared to go on sale at the end of summer.

The USB comes in various colours and has the Pianoman logo laser etched on it.  

The cost is £15.00 plus £2.00 postage and packaging.

On the USB stick you get EVERYTHING Pianoman from the very start to all the remixes, bootlegs and mash ups. This includes material with Boy Raver and Eddie MiTM too. (All files 320kbs) 

All who purchase the USB will also get a previously unreleased PIANOMAN SAMPLE CD (Via download link)

15 brand new tracks that are exclusive only to the USB are also included.




Pianoman team up with Cableguys 

Very pleased to announce endorsement by one of my favourite software companies.

Cable guys have really been pushing the limit with their recent releases Midi Shaper and Halftime.

Currently being used on new material aimed at digital and vinyl.

Check the website below

Cableguys Website

Blurred 25th Anniversary 

Exactly twenty five years ago today BLURRED was officially released by London/FFRR / 3 Beat records and after two years clearing samples and legalities in went straight into the UK Top Ten at number six.

Store Open 

Check out the store on the site where you can buy vinyl, digital downloads and track bundles.

The digital tracks are some of our most wanted DJ tools that have never been released  and have been used only in our DJ sets.

Rennie Pilgrem remixes Blurred and Cast A Spell 

UK rave and breakbeat scene legend Rennie Pilgrem has remixed the Pianoman tracks Blurred and Cast A Spell.

The Rhythm Section member has added some UK breakbeat flavour and added some serious bass.

Two separate vinyl will be released, one in Europe and one in the UK.

Revelation Remixed 

Pianoman's 1994 anthem Revelationis currently getting remixed for a possible double vinyl release.

Due to demand there will be breakbeat remixes for Spain with Colombo and Perfect Combo. 

Blurred Remixed 

The classic Pianoman anthem BLURRED is getting remixed and rereleased on vinyl at the end of 2021.

There will be two separate releases with mixes for the UK and Spain.

So far confirmed remixes are DJ Colombo, Rasco, Perfect Kombo and MiTM. 

A THANK YOU to all. 

As a THANK YOU to all of you who have purchased the Cast A Spell 2020 vinyl so far it has been decided to include every buyers name on the label for our next vinyl release (PP 002)

Whitney Tune 2021 is our next release and will be a two part double vinyl release.

Featuring mixes from Ultra - Sonic, QFX, Pianoman Original Mix, Stu Chapman, Fat Controller, Rasco & Jonay and many more,

Anyone wanting to order cast a spell 2020 can do so by emailing

Pianoman goes international  

The Cast A Spell 2020 remixes vinyl have almost sold out.

We have had many orders from all over Spain, The UK, Scotland, Ireland and Japan.

Thank you everyone for your support

Cast A Spell 2020 remixes NOW ARRIVED 

After long delays due to the Covid -19 pandemic the limited edition Cast A Spell 2020 remixes (DJ Flavours) has arrived and is in stock.

All previous orders are now being mailed out. If you wish to order the vinyl just email 

Happy Christmas! 

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and thank all of you for your support for the last 12 months.

Ravers, vinyl and digital buyers and event and club promoters without the support you give us we would not be able to keep making the music we have loved for over two decades.


Delays in Cast A Spell 2020 Vinyl Orders 

Due to the new government-imposed lockdown, the delivery of the Cast A Spell 2020 vinyl has been massively delayed.

This is completely beyond our control and we have contacted the pressing plant for updates two weeks ago. 

Anyone who had paid for a copy of the vinyl is welcome to receive the full digital DJ promo whilst they await their order.


We can now reveal that as part of our special 2 record set for the re-release of Whitney Tune (Wanna Dance) that we have the Scottish legendary rave act QFX on the remix.

Do not blink when we release this vinyl as it will go fast. 100 copies only and coloured vinyl.