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Rock And Move (Maximies Mix) 

You can hear a new mix of the classic Rock & Move track on site now.

Inspiration for the mix came from the DJ sets and P.A.'s from back in the 90's at the classic and legendary club MAXIMES.

Alalysis - Climax (Pianoman Remix) Disco Magic UK Records 

Disco Magic UK Records has signed the early 90's piano anthem Climax by Analysis. Originally on 3 Beat records and released in 1992 this rare classic is getting re released on vinyl with the original 1992 mix remastered plus a brand new mix from Analysis too which has never been heard. 

Look out for an exclusive PIANOMAN REMIX on the vinyl too! 

Hear Don't You Wanna Be Mine (Disco Magic UK Remix ) Now! 

You can now hear a clip of the Disco Magic Records UK remix of Don't You Wanna Be Mine by by DMU on the site.

The mix was produced by DM UK label boss ROLAND RADAELLI who is responsable for breaking tracks such as ASHA - JJ Tribute, Jinny - Keep Warm and Alfredo - Action in the UK having been in charge of the British arm of legendary Italian dance label Discomagic.



Collaboration Time 

James has teamed up with friend and fellow producer Eddie Taylor and together they are producing under the name of POTENZA. 

Inspired by Italian Piano but with a big UK House feel too.

DJ Set News 

Look out for Carl Djing at and event/venue in the Noth West very soon. Carl now does all the Pianoman DJ Sets since James has took a back seat in the studio to wrtite more new tracks and work with others.


Very special tracks and exclusives all set to get thier debut in Liverpool, Preston and Manchester.

DJ Project 

James has teamed up with Halifax based DJ Dannie Kavanagh to produced some new tracks as DJ Project.

Having known each other for eighteen years a series of conversations resulted in Dannie replaying some piano parts for James and then it was decided lets take it further. The resulting two tracks as DJ Project can be heard in the new year. 

Merry Christmas 

We hope that you all had a lovely christmas and wish to thank everyone for thier support in the last year.

2018 is near and we are looking forward to letting you guys hear the tracks we have been working on since our last update.


Two new FREE DOWNLOAD Tracks 

Two new tracks are available for Free download and you can get them from our site wide player.


Join Hands was the biggest tunes from our PCP Vol 3 and Love To Love was done under the alias of Piano Project and was originally on Reach Records (Blue vinyl Ltd Edition and standard black vinyl) 

We team up with D16 Group 

Studio wise we have long use D16 plugin's in our tracks and remixes. Drumazon is a favourite for james when he has he 909 drum head on!

We are pleased to announce we have partnered up with D16 and if you make tracks of any kind you need to check out their stuff. (See link below)

D16 Group Website


Pianoman return to DISCOMAGIC UK Records. 

Back in 1993 Pianoman teamed of with legendary label Discomagic UK Records to release some tracks and do some remixes for the label.

Run by Roland Radaelli in the UK the label had a legendary status to the fans of Piano and Italian House.

The label Piano Choones was formed as a sub label of Discomagic UK with the aim of being a creative output for james under several new aliases. Roland Radaelli was the first person who gave James a break outside of him pressing his own tracks. Discomagic was the first label to release Pianoman tracks.

Remixes included: Electric Choc, Asha, Indie UK and more.

Pianoman cover track DON'T YOU WANNA BE MINE is getting a Discomagic UK remix by Roland Radaelli himself as the label prepares to make a big comeback with new vinyl pressings of its back catalog and much sort after digital releases too.


*Thumbnail artwork by Mike Gordon





What Do You Use To Make Your Piano Tracks? 

We often get asked on social media what we use to make the tracks. 


There is no set answer to this as James uses different synths, sound modules and drums for every track. (We have far too many to list)


Ableton Live 9 Suite is the DAW that James uses and before that he used Cubase (Since 1991!)


Sounds are what we get questioned about more than anything so here are a few answers:


Bass: Roland JU 06 sound module, Spire Vst ,Arturia Mini Moog V and Sub Boom Bass Vst

Strings /pads: UVI Synthology 2 collection, JU-06 Module, M1 plug in and Arturia Solina V

Piano: Korg M1 Plug in (Piano 16', Piano Hi and House Piano presets)

Lead/Synth: Spire Vst, Tal LX, JU-06 Module, Synlenth, Massive, Kontakt Sampler

Arps: Spire Vst, Arturia Synth legends, Sylenth, 

Drums: 909, 808, 707, SP200 kits via Ableton Simpler/Sampler or Kontakt 5



Pianoman - House Is A Religion 

Decided to go way back with the next track called HOUSE IS A RELIGION. The tracks, sounds and music that inspired James from 1991/1992 were the starting point. The vocals have a very old Acapella style feel to them BUT they are are in fact neither! 


James came across the vocals on a CD and they dictated the style of track that ended up being done. (You will hear why)


House Is A Religion is set for a full release and will feature a full remix package.

The site has had a remix! 

The site has had a revamp and we have sorted some free tracks to download and a brand new MORE CAKE Old Skool promo.

Check out the music section on site to get the freebies and you can listen to a few exclusive tracks we use in our dj sets.

We hope you enjoy the new look.

Time For Change! 

For over two decades now the sound of pianoman has been the full on hands in the air 90's piano sound. Whilst Carl and James will still be djing together and performing live with vocalist Nicky it has been decided to move on and forward with a new current House Music sound and no longer produce the Old Skool piano they are known for. 


This new sound starts with The Pentatonic E.P. due for release on Anghellic Records soon.

You can hear two tracks from the E.P. on the site now!