Stu Allan Supporting Method In The Madness 

DJ legend and Old Skool Nation radio show presenter Stu Allan is supporting our new track with Degsey called Method In The Madness.
As well as playing it on his shows Stu is DJing it in his sets and will soon have a very special V.I.P. mix to play out as well.

Pianoman remixing new Mitm track 

We are pleased to announce we are currently doing a remix for Leeds's based House Music producer Eddie Taylor. Under his alias of Mitm (Man In The Mirror) Eddie has done a brilliant track which has elements of the classic  Double Trouble and Rebel M.C. song Street Tough and vocal samples from Brass Disc by Dupree. We were lucky enough to have the track sent to us for our DJ sets and upon hearing it we liked it so much we asked Eddie if we could remix it for him.

We are going to give the track the classic Pianoman style remix with  big strings and piano and Italo House DX style bass..... Lovers of classic Pianoman anthems like Cast A Spell and Revelation will know the vibe when the hear it.  

The finished remix will be heard at upcoming DJ sets in Darlington and Dublin very soon.

A must see Facebook Page 

There are a lot of funny pages on Facebook with some really great stuff on. We were having some studio down time the other day and checked out the SCOUSE MA page and we were in stitches! There are similar pages online and we have seen stuff from Scouse Ma being used by various other sites but believe us when we say it has to be one of if not the funniest page on Facebook especially if you get the English humour!

We have no idea who run's the page as it is secret but you must check it out it is fantastic!

Scouse Ma Facebook Page Here   

New Megamixes soon!  

Look out for two new megamixes very soon as the best tracks from Klub Banger's and Piano Junkies get thrown in the mix.

Each will get it's own megamix and both will be free uploads to download.

Klub Banger's and Piano Junkies both have done some big piano anthems so get ready to crank them up in the mix.

Pianoman ft Degsey - Method In The Madness 

Towards the end of 2015 we decided it was time to do some new piano tracks and with this decision we teamed up with DEGSEY (Former member and frontman of Awesome 3) after a couple of chance meetings when we were DJing in Liverpool. The result of those meetings and many text messages and phone convo's is the track "Message In The Madness". 

Back to the old skool 90's piano is the vibe we wanted and we GOT IT! LOL! 


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