Platinum selling dance act.

James Sammon established his name and Pianoman brand during the early nineties House Music boom, where he self released a series of white labels under the alias of PCP. One of the tracks called "Whitney Tune" taken from Volume Two became and instant club anthem, due to its hands in the air piano breaks and big lush strings sound. Several other EP's followed as Sammon began to run his own label called Piano Choons via legendary UK/Italian House label Disco Magic UK. Over a period of two years tracks were produced and released, which are now anthems on what is called these days the Old School scene. This included tracks such as Tribute To Asha, Cast A Spell, Revelation, Rock And Move, Pump This Party, Together and Day Dreaming. In 1994 James produced and pressed up 300 copies of a bootleg track he made that he called "Blurred", on account of it containing a sample of Damon Albarn from the indie group Blur, by this time using the name Pianoman. The track "Blurred" was an overnight success and sold the first 300 units in less than twenty minutes after it was played on Kiss FM by Graham Gold and BBC 1 by John Peel and Pete Tong. Two years later the track was released on 3 Beat records via London/FFRR and went straight into the UK chart top ten at number 6, staying in the chart for a full four weeks. Appearances on Top Of The Pops and MTV followed, as well as featuring on the Radio One roadshow and the Smash Hits roadshow tour. In all Blurred sold 480,000 copies in the UK alone. Recently, with the revival of the 90's sound the track has seen new life and appealed to the next generation by appearing on compilation albums by Ministry Of Sound, EMI Music, AATW Records and Sony Europe. Because of his love for the Piano House sound, James has recently started making the style of tracks that made his name again, and been DJing and doing live performances at events and venues in the UK. (Bowlers, Life, Entourage, This Is Old School, Goodtimes, State Club, 051 Reunion and many more) Teaming up with Shaun "Boy Raver" Lever and Nathan Shaw to produce a whole new set of Old School Anthems for the scene. Between 2006-2008, Sammon concentrated on song writing and producing various forms of House Music from Bassline House to Electro. This saw him write several club smashes, such as So In Love, which was vocalled by up and coming singer Malisha Bleau. The track became a club smash, and several remixes saw it obtain a massive Youtube following, which ended up with the track being licenced to a Ministry Of Sound compilation album. Other tracks such as Missing You and Ain't Your Sweet Thing which featured the then unknown Birmingham based singer Jenny Jones also interested Ministry, and Missing You was signed as a single which lead to Sammon and his then co writing partner Hinton each getting publishing deals with 23rd Precinct Music publishing on account of a Euro Dance track called Eternity under the name of BPM being signed to AATW Records. Always moving with the times, James now writes and produces Electro and EDM house tracks under the name of Low Pass. In similar genres to artists such as Zedd, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris