Not many DJ’s or producers have classic club anthems or top ten hits on their CVs, James has both. Even fewer have been the inspiration that has influenced other acts for over three decades. James has enjoyed a successful career as Pianoman and is recognised of one of the pioneers of dance music in the UK who was signed to Ministry of Sound, FFRR/London Records, AATW records, Polydor Records and Sony Music.

He started out as a popular pirate radio Dj in the late 80s who then moved into music production with classics “Blurred”, “Cast A Spell”, “Whitney Tune” and “Revelation” to name but a few. It was Blurred that catapulted his career in 1994 when it entered the UK charts at number 6 and stayed in the charts for 4 weeks. On its 30th anniversary year Blurred has just been resigned to the Xploded label .

Very few artists are synonymous with the term “Old Skool” and even fewer with its conception making the name Pianoman one of the founding members of the British dance music scene.