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Pianoman - Blurred 

It is hard to believe that next year will be the 20th anniversary of the track BLURRED. To many it is the most well known Pianoman track due to it getting to number 6 in the UK charts. Known for sampling Damon Albarn's voice and the piano riff from the DJ Sasha DMC remix of Better Days by Jimi Polo.  In the last twenty years several remixes have been released in many dance music genre's. Funny how the track that made Pianoman was actually made in just ninety mins from start to finish!


Competition time VERY soon guys.

You can win one of ten USB flash drives that has every Pianoman dJ set and promo mix on from the last five years!   

This competition will run on our Facebook page too. (Link Below)

Full details next week

Pianoman Facebook Page

New Tracks 

Today we once again joined Shaun Lever for a studio session at Void Records. Two tracks were dong through the course of the day.
A re edit of Bassheads which is only for DJ sets  and a new original track called "We'll Be Free" which you can hear in the MUSIC section of the site now.