2017 Here we come

2016 was a very busy year for us DJ wise and we cannot wait for the new year.  In 2017 Carl and James will be splitting all DJ sets between them both so at least one of them will be in attendance for Pianoman DJ bookings. 

There are a few reasons  for this...

James is working on other musical projects outside of the Old Skool genre and has a lot of time invested with songwriting and studio time.

The recent move to leafy and scenic mid Wales by James and his family due to personal commitments. 

Carl is not only a great DJ and technical head he is centrally placed in regards to bookings and the best of the two of them at organisation!

NOTHING CHANGES apart from logistics. The Pianoman tracks and remixes and mash ups that make our sets so different and liked are not going anywhere. The only difference now is James will have more time to concentrate on them. 

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